Our Guests:

Guests of Honor: Summer and Fall (Eva Van Daele-Hunt and Christine (Crystal) Blum)

Eva and Christine have been making music together since 2003. They sing in English and German and play guitar, flute, recorder and mandolin. Eva has been nominated for several Pegasus awards.

Listen to Summer and Fall here.

Toastmaster: Rand Bellavia

Rand is one half of the duo Ookla the Mok. The duo has 4 Pegasus awards, including one for Best Performer. Rand is Director of the Montante Family Library of D'Youville College and teaches Library Science at the University of Buffalo.

Listen to Rand Bellavia with Ookla the Mok.

LinGuest: Mark Mandel

Mark is a filker and a linguist. He recently retired from the Linguistic Data Consortium of the University of Pennsylvania, but he continues to blog about langauges, vocabulary and linguistic trivia. Mark was the Interfilk Guest at Consonance in 2003.

Listen to Mark here.
Please note that you will need a free account to listen to and download music from the Filk Archive.

Interfilk Guest: Kari Maaren

Kari is a writer and performer from the greater Toronto area. She plays the ukelele and sings of vampires, elves, Sherlock Holmes and other aspects of geek culture. She won a Prix Aurora Award in 2013 for Fan Filk and has been nominated for another Prix Aurora this year in 2 catagories.

Listen to Kari Maaren here.


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