The Holiday Inn Boxborough is located just off Interstate 495 at Exit 28.The address is 242 Adams Place, Boxborough, MA 01719.

By Car:
From local areas: Find your best route to I-495. If coming off 495 South, turn right at the exit and then cross over the highway; if coming off 495 North, turn left. Take the next right onto Adams Place. Follow it almost to the end; the Holiday Inn will be on the left. There is lots of free parking.
From the more distant south and west: Find your best route to I-90 east. There are two options from here:

  1. Take Exit 10 to I-290 North. Follow 290 all the way to the end and exit left onto 495 North. Follow the "from local areas" directions above. This is shorter but goes through the middle of Worcester.
  2. Take Exit 11A onto I-495 North and follow the "from local areas" directions above. This is longer but may avoid heavy traffic during peak hours.

Commuter Rail:
The hotel is about five miles from South Action Station on the MBTA Fitchburg commuter rail line. Usually there are frequent trains through the weekend. However we have just found out that the Fitchburg Line which serves South Acton station, the station closest to the hotel, will not be running Saturday and Sunday. We are working on the problem. If you are arriving Saturday and commuter rail is your only option (e.g., you're flying in), your best bet is to take the train on the Lowell Line to Lowell station. We can arrange to pick you up if you notify hotel2015[at] BEFORE 7 PM Friday, telling us what train you're arriving on. We'll try to arrange to get you to the hotel from there, but please don't consider us committed to anything until we reply. We will organize a ride-share sign-up at the convention for people who are leaving on Saturday or Sunday and need to use commuter rail. Again, we'll try to arrange to get you from the hotel to the train station, but don't consider us committed to anything until we have found a suitable arrangement.
The schedule for the Lowell Line is here. It leaves from North Station, the same as the train to South Acton. The schedule for the Fitchburg Line is at here. There is a shuttle from the station to the hotel; you have to notify the hotel in advance of when you'll be arriving.

By Train or Bus:
Most trains and buses to Boston go to South Station. The commuter rail line, unfortunately, leaves from North Station. Your best connection is to take the subway. Take the Red Line in the direction of Alewife (inbound) to Downtown Crossing, which is the first stop. Go upstairs to the Orange Line in the direction of Oak Grove and get off at North Station, which is the third stop. After exiting the turnstiles go through a tunnel and then up the stairs or escalator to the street; North Station will be right in front of you. There are elevators in the subway stations and a ramp to get into North Station. Alternatively, you can take the Red Line from South Station to Porter Square and catch the commuter rail train there. The elevator at Porter Sauare works most of the time. There is also an escalator. MBTA tickets go by the somewhat ominous names of "Charlie Card" and "Charlie Ticket." If you aren't a regular commuter you probably want a "Charlie Ticket," which can't be refilled but doesn't carry an initial cost, for the subway. This is currently $2.65 each way (free transfers within the subway). The fare is $1.05 for Seniors and the Disabled. You can buy the tickets with cash or credit cards at the machines. You can also take a taxi from South Station to North Station. The fare is approximately $9 in good traffic. You need to buy a separate ticket for the train. You'll need a Zone 6 ticket for South Acton. That costs $9.25 each way, $12.25 if yyou buy the ticket on the train.

By Air:
Boston is served by Logan Airport. The best way to connect to the transit system from there is to take the Silver Line, which is an express bus line. The Silver Line bus stops at all terminals and goes to South Station. At South Station go downstairs to the Red Line level (free transfer, you're already behind the turnstile) and follow the directions for the subway above.



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