Dealers' rates for ConCertino 2018 will be announced shortly.

Anyone staffing a table in the dealers' room must hold a membership in ConCertino. See the registration page for the rates.

Consignment Sales

The convention offers consignment sales for individuals with a small number of things to sell who don't need a full table. An individual can drop off up to 10 items for consignment sale (where multiple copies of a single CD title count as one item). The seller sets the prices. Ten percent (10%) of price of any item sold goes to the Convention, ninety percent (90%) goes to the seller. MASSFILC will handle the sales collection and paperwork for all consignment sales. At the end of the convention, MASSFILC will pay the seller their share for any items sold and return any unsold merchandise to the seller.

For more information email dealers2018[at]concertino[dot]net.



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