Please send registration forms and songbook submissions to:
Concertino 2018
18 Cottage Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474 USA

E-mail songbook submissions to songbook2018[at]concertino[dot]net.

General questions regarding the convention can be sent to concertino2018[at]concertino[dot]net.

The members of the con committee are:
Ben Newman (Co - Chair)
Beth Runnerwolf (Co - Chair)
Gary Ehrlich (Publications)
Paul Estin
Gary McGath (Hotel), hotel2018[at]concertino[dot]net
Joe Kesselman (Advance Registration, Sound)
Ellen Kranzer (Treasurer)
Spencer Love (Sound)
Paul Mangan (Proofreader and Expert Nitpicker)
Hillary Sherwood (Web), webmaster2018[at]concertino[dot]net
Jane Sibley(Dealers), dealers2018[at]concertino[dot]net
Harold Stein (Audio CD, Sound)


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