Registration Rates:

At the Door Rates:
Full Weekend:
Full Membership - Ages 25 and up: $75
Full Membership - Ages 13 - 24 years inclusive: $45
Child Membership - Ages 7 - 12 years inclusive: $15
Kid In-Tow Membership - Age 6 and below: Free
Supporting Membership: $25
Daily Rates:
Friday Only: $25
Saturday Only: $50
Sunday Only: $25

Supporting memberships can be converted to attending memberships by paying the difference between the rates at the time you bought the supporting membership.

Premier members get special goodies TBA, recognition, and the knowledge that you're helping the convention. The Premier membership is only available until the pre-registration deadline.

Pre-registration deadline was June 1, 2018.

Members from outside the US who don't use PayPal or face prohibitive currency exchange fees:
ConCertino will continue our past practice of allowing you to get a membership at the pre-registration rate, and then pay that rate in US dollars at the Con. Just print out and fill in the registration form and mail it by the pre-registration deadline to the address listed there. Please remember that this is a firm commitment to come to the Con.



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